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No New Posts Rules and Guidelines

4 4 Special Rules for Main Plot Threads
by Samantha
Jun 10, 2015 5:03:49 GMT
No New Posts Lore

Sub-boards: Basic Lore, History, Species, Myths and Legends

17 40 Wildlife
by Deleted
Aug 29, 2016 0:10:06 GMT
No New Posts Contests and Updates

Here you will find important site updates, as well as fun contests.

Moderator: rivaxorus

9 20 Activity Check February 2017
by Torin
Feb 25, 2017 20:09:14 GMT
No New Posts Suggestions

Got some idea in your head that you'd like to become official lore? A plot suggestion that you'd like feedback on? Talk about it here!

Sub-board: Landmark Suggestions

5 25 Staff Hiring
by Samantha
Feb 3, 2017 22:19:46 GMT
No New Posts Plotting

As long as it doesn't disrupt the site plot as a whole, you can make your own plots here involving your own and others' characters. Need someone to kidnap your character and have others rescue them? Then this is your go-to place. Plan with others and make a great story!

Sub-board: Classifieds

5 34 Izett's taken to a nasty habit
by Samantha
Feb 9, 2017 1:40:32 GMT
No New Posts Plug ins

Want to advertise your site? Want to affiliate? Then this is where you need to be.

Moderator: rivaxorus

Sub-boards: First Fire, Flying Back, Affiliate

563 589 Fodlan Chronicles: A Fire Emblem Based RP
by Sothis
Jan 3, 2020 9:08:48 GMT

Character Creation

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No New Posts Pending

Inside you will find the character forms. Fill out the one you need, and wait for a moderator to approve it.

Moderator: Torin

5 13 Astrid WIP
by Deleted
Feb 12, 2017 15:38:03 GMT
No New Posts Accepted

All accepted characters go here

Sub-boards: Elementals, Sons and Daughters, Creations, Other

51 57 Shadow
by shadow
Apr 11, 2017 15:04:22 GMT
No New Posts Adoptions

Have a character you don't want anymore? Put it up for adoption here, or adopt other characters.

11 12 Eronde (Fire Creation)
by Samantha
Aug 7, 2016 21:25:03 GMT
No New Posts NPCs

Characters lacking a permanent roleplayer, who can be borrowed for your roleplay needs. Be sure to read the criteria attached to your desired character before you choose to borrow him or her! Some of these characters may also be up for adoption, enquire if you're uncertain.

6 6 Eetu
by 27th
Sept 14, 2015 4:36:28 GMT
No New Posts Character Logs

Keep a thread tracker, character tracker, or even a relationship tracker here. Basically; just dump any extra info or fun stuff on this board. This stuff is completely optional. If you'd like your own sub-board please pm Riv!

Sub-boards: 27th's Lair, Lion's Legends, Sery's Stuff, Rivaxorus' Stuff, Samantha also has Stuff, Torin's Treasures

22 49 Akhil
by Deleted
Aug 29, 2016 2:54:52 GMT

The Island of Dragons

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No New Posts Fire Territory

The Fire territory is little short from what would be expected of it. The area is dominated by mountains, cliffs, and a volcano or two, dormant or not dormant. Where volcanoes are, the soil is rich and vegetation flourishes as a result of the volcanic ashes. However, these areas are rare and deep in the territory. Everywhere else, however, is miserably dry. Dirt has difficulty staying together and cracks are everywhere. As expected, water is scarce, so the Fire territory is a difficult environment for animals aside from dragons to live. Animal life in this territory, when found, besides dragons, includes goats, rams, birds of prey, lizards, bugs and little else.

Moderator: Torin

Sub-boards: Mt. Fury, The Barrens, The East Canyon, The Graveyard, The West Canyon

2 23 Homeless [open]
by 27th
Feb 27, 2017 0:29:25 GMT
No New Posts Ice Territory

The Ice Territory holds many wonders, such as how it can peaceful and quiet in one place but stormy and full of blizzards in another. The land more inland towards the Life territory is peaceful most of the time; blankets of white snow cover the ground there and the breeze is chilled. The sky is usually clear with a few soft, light cumulus and cirrus clouds. Mountains reign high in this region, so caverns and homes for Creations are easier to find there, however not all live there.

Moderator: Torin

Sub-boards: Silent Mountains, The Never Ending Ice, The Storming Plains, Vale of Winter

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No New Posts Air Territory

The Air territory is rather diverse with valleys and grassy plains to stone columns made from the bones of mountains, to soft sands of the coastline. The vegetation here is mostly grass and brush. Rain occurs on occasion, usually accompanied by a thunderstorm. The weather, as you may expect, is generally very windy. The sky above the territory is usually clear with a few white puffy clouds, containing countless thermals and updrafts, which makes flying perfect for those who are used to high altitudes.
This region is occupied by many species of birds and small creatures. The largest creatures there, dragons aside, are goats, rams, and the occasional bear.

Moderator: Torin

Sub-boards: Singing Stones, The Chimneys/Liev's Labyrinth, The Coast, The Foothills, The Great Island, The Plains

1 4 Heads in the Clouds [open]
by Torin
Mar 5, 2017 5:19:23 GMT
No New Posts Water Territory

Lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and all manner of wet and watery places pattern this island, separated from the main one by a thick channel. Rain forest type trees make up the majority of its plant life.

Moderator: Torin

Sub-boards: Atlantis, The Crystal Pyramid, Sea Emperor's Palace, Crystal Pool, Fogmire Marsh, The Dancing Reef, Wyrmsplunge Trench

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No New Posts Earth Territory

The Earth Territory is made of a few concentric band-like zones, each a little lower than the last. The last ring encompasses the two peninsulas and the bay at the southeastern part of the territory.

Moderator: Torin

Sub-boards: Drassil Basin, The Forest of Fang and Claw, The Jungle of Crouching Dragons, The Plains of a Thousand Wings

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No New Posts Light Territory

The realm of Light is one of lush grass, plentiful foliage, and sweet smelling flowers. Herds of proud, wild horses help to keep the grass in check. In contrast, the forests grow free and unchecked, their beauty embellished by a variety of birds and small mammals, such as foxes and wolves.

Moderator: Torin

Sub-boards: Grasslands, Forests, Lake of Stars, Tivialian Mountains, The River Sy

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No New Posts Dark Territory

The Dark territory was once a great forested area, lush in coniferous foliage and abundant in wildlife. However, after the Earth Elemental's rampage, the whole of the territory was consumed by the sea, leaving nothing more than a tiny shore and the opening of a giant underground cavern, which connects all the existing territories.

Moderator: Torin

Sub-boards: The Caverns of Infinite Night, Dragonsdeep, Fargloom, Gathering Cavern

2 10 The Time is Now (Dragonsdeep Finale)
by Samantha
Nov 20, 2016 21:44:26 GMT
No New Posts Time Territory

he island of Time is a mysterious land. Controversy to what one may expect to be on such land, the Time territory almost as a whole is a desert. Aside from the beaches, where the occasional palm tree may sprout, the only plant life is the occasional shrub of grass. However, being an island, water holes are not as rare as most other deserts. There is a constant breeze blowing through the territory that stirs the sands into a constant motion, putting them in motion as they cross and sink from dune to dune. The Time territory is most active at night when the sun isn't blazing, and this is generally when reptiles, bugs, and the occasional bird will emerge.

Moderator: Torin

Sub-boards: Frozen Forest, The Sands of Eternity

1 6 So We Beat On [closed]
by Samantha
Mar 25, 2017 23:21:21 GMT
No New Posts Life Territory

The Life Territory, also known as "The Snake's Mouth," is full of lush grass, like the neighboring territory of Light. As its name suggests, the Life territory is bustling with all sort of plant, animal, and insect life.

Moderator: Torin

Sub-boards: The Beaches, The Eye, The Fang Mountains, The Ring, The Twin Rivers

1 26 Bad tidings we bring (Haranling and Fazoola)
by 27th
Oct 1, 2017 23:15:02 GMT
No New Posts Death Territory

A wasteland of stunted and warped trees, branches twisted into horrific and terrifying shapes. Overhead, greenish fog billows and drifts, although there is rarely any breeze here. The ground is hard, densely packed dirt. There is little animal life, and little that it could feed upon. In addition, the only lake is a black, diseased thing; and the smell that rises from it is terrible. In fact, the whole territory smells of death and decay.

Moderator: Torin

Sub-boards: The Drop, The Shade, The Waste

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Other Worlds

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts The Human World

Moderator: Torin

0 0 No posts have been made on this board.
No New Posts The Elven World

Moderator: Torin

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Out of Character

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No New Posts Chat

You can talk about anything here, from what you had for lunch to the season finale of your favourite show.

1 9 ooc chat 2017
by Torin
Feb 18, 2017 5:44:06 GMT
No New Posts Forum Games

Make and play games here. Word association, guessing games...it doesn't have to be site-related, the sky's the limit!
(NOTE: posting in this board does not increase your forum post count)

8 276 Relating words yo
by 27th
Feb 27, 2017 0:16:46 GMT
No New Posts Art & Graphics

Want to post a poem, or set up a table shop? Or just brag about your art? Then here you go.

11 47 Sewing Project (Forewarning: Largish Images)
by Deleted
Aug 29, 2016 2:49:31 GMT
No New Posts Arrivals and Departures

Announce your arrival, departure, or impending hiatus here!

Moderator: Pine

by Samantha
Jan 31, 2017 23:38:48 GMT


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No New Posts Roleplay Records

Archived roleplay threads from this site. When you've finished with a thread; simply add (complete) to the end of the title and a member of staff will move it here. Inactive threads will also be moved here. To reactivate an archived thread in which you took part, please message Sam or Frost.

Moderator: Torin

Sub-boards: Plot threads, General threads, Old characters, Completed Adoptions

115 1,343 Small Talk (Riv)
by Samantha
Jan 21, 2017 22:17:42 GMT
No New Posts Non-roleplay records - 1 Viewing

Archived threads which are not roleplay-oriented.

Sub-boards: Suggestions, Updates, Old threads, Old posts

127 629 Insert title here {ooc: chat 2016}
by Rordrik
Oct 7, 2016 12:40:20 GMT


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Kaguya: Hope you all are well :) just stopped by to reminisce about the old times Jun 7, 2021 16:51:53 GMT
Samantha: And Paradox was amazing Dae! I enjoyed writing Adutaine opposite them. =) Apr 23, 2018 12:02:57 GMT
Samantha: I get that Blazeh, no worries. <3 The site is pretty dead, it was just me and 27th and we couldn't keep it going on our own. Apr 23, 2018 12:00:45 GMT
DaeSiggil: Oops, I know I haven't often helped by disappearing as I did. But still thinking about this place! <3 Apr 18, 2018 16:11:08 GMT
Verridith: Hey hon, love you guys but haven't seen anything happen since 2017 ;A; hope all are well! But have to remove you from BTACD's sister sites. I'm sorry! </3 </3 </3 Apr 6, 2018 12:22:38 GMT
Samantha: Exactly! It can be tricky, back home most of my friends are just from school, university or work. xD And it was lovely. They were all so lovely, the ones I was with spent the whole time talking about history, it was fun and edumacational. Sept 30, 2017 10:02:29 GMT
27th: Wow! You got to have dinner with the authors? :D Making new friends is always nice. I know that struggle as I don't socialize like my peers. Sept 12, 2017 18:00:11 GMT
Samantha: that great at doing haha (I don't like going out to parties and stuff, which seems to be the main way people my age socialise.) Sept 11, 2017 23:11:00 GMT
Samantha: -looks at timestamp on last reply- Eeeek, apologies for the delay! But yeah it was AMAZING. My favourite author signed my favourite book, and we even had dinner with the authors one of the nights. Plus, I made some new friends, which I don't tend to be Sept 11, 2017 23:10:37 GMT
27th: That sounds very cool! I would have loved going to something like that. :o Aug 20, 2017 21:03:22 GMT
Samantha: Was cool. Aug 19, 2017 21:10:39 GMT
Samantha: It just means 'science fiction and fantasy.' So it was a conference for authors of these things, and scholars who study them! Aug 19, 2017 21:10:27 GMT
27th: Glad you had a good time in Sweden! What is SFF? Aug 11, 2017 16:08:48 GMT
Samantha: Sorry for the disappearance. I was in Sweden for an SFF conference- it was pretty cool! Aug 11, 2017 10:48:27 GMT
Samantha: It's sad, yeah. We need more members to have more staff, we need more staff to keep the place active, and we need to have the place active to get more members. Sort of a vicious cycle. =P Jul 31, 2017 16:46:13 GMT
Samantha: The problem is that the main person who likes to run contests, Riv, also has a tendency to disappear. xD And I don't have the time and the energy to run this place proper on my own. Jul 31, 2017 16:45:38 GMT
27th: Yes, it is a lot of work. Though, I agree it could be worth the effort. As far as contests go, we've tried them here at DotE before. I don't know how well any of them worked but we it couldn't hurt to try. Jul 30, 2017 5:53:42 GMT
R: Could try a contest? Jul 29, 2017 4:40:04 GMT
shadow: Well. Yea. That also is a lot of work. It would be worth it though Jul 28, 2017 4:12:51 GMT
27th: Well, recruitment would be key to that. Contacting the members we already have to try and get them to participate here would also be part of that. Jul 26, 2017 15:52:29 GMT
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